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Pencil sketch of one figure (humanoid) scanned and touched up digitally in my style. Sketches ordered are a bit freestyle and in my style of course. You can give me some reference like your original character description or a doll pic (I am not super good at duplicating but will do my best) or say just draw me a hot boy elf, kinda thing. Not able to do animals well, mostly humanoids please. One character per sketch. Either a full body, or a more detailed upper torso/head. No XXX rated stuff etc.

aliahnn by silverbeam Jellyfish Princess by silverbeam Sketch Dump by silverbeam
Simple 3D model
I am offering simple 3D model commissions for 3D Print ready models. Must be your own design, no copyright related work. (Things like I designed this simple heart pendant/ring, charm, etc) Simple means a few simple shapes, examples here: Sailor Moon Charm Bracelet by silverbeam Low poly Groot mask by silverbeam Last chance to enter giveaway by silverbeam
Please contact me with your interest before purchase if in doubt that your item meets the criteria. I reserve the right to reject any commission requests.

Nothing mature, or safe for work/kids kinda thing.

YOU OWN THE MODEL! You can sell, create, upload, give, etc the model. I ask you give credit to me as the artist and creator of the model and I reserve the right to add the model to my portfolio for personal use, but cannot sell etc. I will credit you as the designer/owner when I do.


I love having beta/alpha testers for my ball jointed dolls! Come be a doll tester and pre-order any new release doll at a huge discount, or join my team of artists and crafters to build, blush, decorate, customize these little beauties! We are always interested in professionals who can do any of the following: draw doll designs, Mold and cast resin, create wigs, create doll eyes, sew and create doll clothing, blush and face up dolls. (more info below)

Our business: Silverbeam Dolls

:bulletblue: To create unique and fun fantasy dolls that are much needed in the bjd market.
:bulletblue:To create a line of low cost, easy to blush dolls for 1st time owners as well as bjd enthusiasts.
:bulletblue: To create a successful, honest, and worldwide business full of doll and geeky/otaku goodness.

Floraling Fire flower by silverbeamTwigling preview by silverbeamMerling tiny BJD dolls on sale by silverbeamBrownieling by silverbeamOctoling by silverbeamSnow Drop Boys by silverbeamImpling Ball Jointed doll by silverbeam

ALPHA A: Material Cost and shipping only (first print, highly collectable being only one of its kind, but may have small to medium issues)
BETA B B= Doll at discount price (minor fixes from alpha print made, may have tiny issues, but likely will be the "finished" product)
Pre-order Sale C= Average Discount price (Basically sale price for first pre-order batch of new doll, any tiny adjustments from beta B if needed, Final version of doll that goes to my shop)



:star: CYCLOPS FEMALE: A new bigger size! We are going bigger and aiming for fashion doll size, barbie/monster high size range. Commissioned by Tea Shandor/ Goodie Roadkill and designed off her character.

Tester: JEN (etsy:

:star: St. Louis BJD convention doll: My second and last design contest for last year. Winner of this design has created a animal based, with a fox design. Will be in my tiny size range. Doll name is Kitling (after japanese kitsune meaning fox).

Alpha: St. Louis BJD Con
Beta: :iconcandiedwildroses:

the newest brownie or feyling doll, based off of brownieling, iceling, and twigiling, my super tiny line of dolls. This one will have a spoted deer theme to her I am thinking... sitll playing with her main design even though I am about 50% done, may turn her into unicorn or some other hooved animal, she is humanoid though...

Dolls Planned:

Pendant/keychain BJD (modified brownieling) tiny bjd that will be modified so that it will work as a keychain or pendant. will have hook in top or back....

ON HOLD? Jellying: Mermaid type, with upper human and lower jellyfish anatomy. Likely chibi or young and cute stylized, with a transparent bottom half. Still working out design to get item in the right cost range. Super tiny size like brownies.

Alpha A: :iconko-koneko:
Beta B :iconnovaghostii: <==== maybe?

UNILING, Octoling, Dragonling REMAKE:
I want to remake my older doll designs now that I have learned a few things. Especially uniling!

Faun: A mature, small chest female Faun, Deer type faun, with mother earth feel to the design. Antlers, fur patches/detail, deer legs and deer tail, SWIVEL or jointed fluffy deer ears.
Alpha: :iconcandiedwildroses:

Centaur: Some kind of centaur like doll, lower half a four legged animal, top half human. Likely a horse with fantasia or last unicorn hybrid style, but might do something else or different animal to be more unique.

Sea Serpant: A mature Male in the merman category. Half human half sea serpent. Articulated serpent like tail, horns and likely fins.

Naga: A Mature female upper torso with lower torso and legs being that of an articulated snake.
Alpha: :iconnovaghostii:

:star: Elemental Sprites :star: A doll with a genderless body, and interchangeable elemental parts, like wings, ears, ankle and wrist wings etc.

Alpha A: :iconwylf:
Beta B:

:star: NEED DESIGNERS/Character Artists WITH AWESOME ANATOMY! Several payment options determined between artist any my shop's current financial status: a copy of the finished doll at base price, 10-25$ in cash, or get 10% off profit of each doll sold for one year or up to 100$ profit. Terms and payment are negotiable.)

I also need any artisans with the skills mentioned near the top of the article like those who know how to cast and mold dolls, make doll eyes etc. feel free to contact me. :) At the very least I would love to pick your brain or discuss payment to learn from you.

If interested in the design phase or testing, please feel free to note or comment. I am specially looking for people who have experience with doll modding, people who have good or better cameras and photography skills, and or stringing experience. Please note that this is all in the experiment and testing stage, things may not work, and there are NO refunds. You will get something regardless. I thank you all very much in helping me to learn, create and share my work! This is my job and only job, I live with my husband at my parents home and with student loans, medical bills etc, your input and is not only helpful but vital. Thank you so so very much and a big shout out to all who have helped in past projects!…

*this is the cord I use on my dolls:… found at walmart, the .7mm clear beading cord, has a nice tension without too much stretching and decent strength.

If you could have a BJD doll head from these characters which would you choose? (boys round) 

13 deviants said riku
10 deviants said sora/vanitas
9 deviants said roxas/ventus


Started a Patreon page:
come support for awesome rewards!

Silverbeam doll SHOP CLOSED

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 7, 2015, 8:02 PM

Silverbeam doll SHOP CLOSED

After 5 years of creating dolls and doll accessories and geekery/cospaly accessories, I am throwing up the flag, at least for now. Especially with my health and circumstances, I spend all of my energy and time on my business and it just doesn't make a drop in the bucket. That would be fine if it was meant to be a hobby, but since It was intended to be a self business and took way more energy and time then a hobby would, it just isn't working.  

I am trying a new prospect unrelated to dolls hopefully with my husband as he needs to get out of his awful job too.

Any prior sales and commitments will be upheld as best as I can, and the shop is still currently open for custom doll eyes and mystery doll bags and mystery geek bags, and any in stock items till stock runs out.

I will still try and find time to fill my passion and to create dolls and items, and put them up as DIY items on the shapeways website, but for now what is done is done.

Images from | Skin CSS by sam-ely-ember
Do not remove credits. Thank you.
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silverbeam has started a donation pool!
40 / 2,400
Help support my art and passion! A prize raffle will be created upon completion of my goal. every 10 points earns a ticket :)

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Commission List

Shop closed, doing bet to finish up remaining commissions.

COMMISSION List Remaining work
1. (life, yeah cause crazy stuff happens and it gets a slot)
:star:PROGRESS:star: is NEVER done... No rest for the creative.

2. *(facebook); 28cm Cyclops BJD (fashion doll sized): Head finished, body started

3. St Louis Convention winner Doll: Begun but on hold

Sorry, all other requests have been cancelled at this time and will not be taking any more commissions. Health and finances have forced me to close shop (At least for a long hiatus).
I am going back to BJD as a hobby as I would like to be able to enjoy myself more. I will keep personal side projects and will be updating the shapeways shop so people can get items as DIY. Sorry for any disappointment etc.

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Destinee3312 Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2015
Do you know anyone else who would make the different accesories and dolls because i wanted some too... :/
silverbeam Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Most items that I used to make and sell I am working on getting them available on my shapeways shop so at least people can purchase the 3D prints and DIY (paint or assemble).

If their is anything in specific let me know, otherwise their are tons of different shops on etsy/ebay/taobao, etc, not too many I know do cosplay doll props and of course no one else does my dolls, but their are lots of good dolly stuff out there.

shapeways shop:…
Hanamiyo Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
Do you take commissions? ^3^
silverbeam Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
I closed my shop so I do not take commissions anymore. sorry.
Hanamiyo Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
Aww, so you will never open it again? I was hoping to get one, love your dolls♥
silverbeam Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
I may do sales for christmas or Maybe try again after a long hiatus like next year. Right now I am focusing on other things and my health.
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KalEl7 Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2015
Hi i was wondering if you can help, i saw your 3D design of loki's staff from avengers assemble and I'm trying to find images based on the staff when he's in germany using it as a kind of walking stick, if you have any images I'd appreciate it because I'm trying to get someone to replicate it for myself as a walking stick to use everyday
silverbeam Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
ugh, finding images was really hard! I didn't get much, getting the movie and grabbing stills is going to be your best bet
KalEl7 Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2015
ok thanks
PepstarsWorld Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2015  Professional Artist
Thank you for the fave of Iplehouse Felix! :hug:
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