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Pencil sketch of one figure (humanoid) scanned and touched up digitally in my style. Sketches ordered are a bit freestyle and in my style of course. You can give me some reference like your original character description or a doll pic (I am not super good at duplicating but will do my best) or say just draw me a hot boy elf, kinda thing. Not able to do animals well, mostly humanoids please. One character per sketch. Either a full body, or a more detailed upper torso/head. No XXX rated stuff etc.

aliahnn by silverbeam Jellyfish Princess by silverbeam Sketch Dump by silverbeam
Simple 3D model
I am offering simple 3D model commissions for 3D Print ready models. Must be your own design, no copyright related work. (Things like I designed this simple heart pendant/ring, charm, etc) Simple means a few simple shapes, examples here: Sailor Moon Charm Bracelet by silverbeam Low poly Groot mask by silverbeam Last chance to enter giveaway by silverbeam
Please contact me with your interest before purchase if in doubt that your item meets the criteria. I reserve the right to reject any commission requests.

Nothing mature, or safe for work/kids kinda thing.

YOU OWN THE MODEL! You can sell, create, upload, give, etc the model. I ask you give credit to me as the artist and creator of the model and I reserve the right to add the model to my portfolio for personal use, but cannot sell etc. I will credit you as the designer/owner when I do.



Once my current workload lightens I will open up some Commissions. Anyone that has been waiting and talked to me on a project before, receives first priority, then patreon peeps, then everyone else.

Slots Available:

-(simple Object)==> OPEN
-(simple Object) ==> OPEN
-(simple Object) ==> OPEN
-(Regular Complex object) ==> OPEN
-(Regular Complex object) ==> OPEN
-(Advanced Complex Object) ==> OPEN

Please provide high quality large images for references if available, as well as the scale you want it in and any dimensions (especially if it has to fit properly). Also let me know what you need done, modeling, painting, assembly, etc etc. AS much info as you can, if you are on a budget, or certain time frame etc etc.

.........Pricing is split up. I do ask for a down payment that is non refundable once I have started to sculpt your item. This down payment is the Modeling fee commission. This fee depends upon the amount of time estimated to create your item and the complexity of the model. (commission fees start at 10$ for super simple stuff, and goes from there. More info on price estimates below under examples)
..........The second part of the price is the actual cost or cost to 3D print the item and of course, any shipping added to that. Items are volume and material based for the most part Shapeways is the company I use to 3D print my models. You can buy the item directly off my shapeways shop when I have finished the model, and it will be faster and less shipping.
..........The third part is optional. If you need post work or if you would like me to check the print over personally before it is shipped to you, then I will need the necessary costs. 5$ for shipping from shapeways to myself, as well as any post work fees for painting, assembly, etc.

-------------Time and project order-------------
How long will it take to make your order? Honestly even if I give you a time estimate, I don't know. I promise to do my best and I try to be better then most on keeping people updated, even if there's nothing to update. My health and creative will, tends to go all over the place. I do NOT have a project order list as sometimes I feel really good and feel like tackling a bigger project, and other times I just want to knock out a few smaller projects etc. More complex items will take longer to work out and to sculpt though and if I need to wait for a print to come to me, then that adds time. If you have a needed arrival date, please let me know when you contact me with your commission request.

-------------Tips for lower Costs-------------
=Group order: Get other people on board. (call out a group pre-order and I can lower the commission fee at least if you get multiple people to back the project.)
= Small items under 100mm in every direction. I can actually get a discount when I order them via shapeways for items that are small in the wsf material if I ask for an extended shipping time.
= Bulk. Getting several? I will offer a a discounted markup fee after the cost of the first item.
= Know my project list! If it is something I have been wanting to do anyway, I may lower the commission fee. (keyblades/kingdom hearts, sailor moon and some card captor sakura items)

Simple: 10-20$ commission fee. Simple shapes, very little detail. Things like a simple Coffee mug.
3d printed Sakura Charms by silverbeam Ninjas R Us by silverbeam one third scale dishes by silverbeam

Regular: 25-50$ commission fee. Items with a few details, or simple mechanics. Simple wands, weapons, and objects.
Sonico Headphones by silverbeam Full Sailor Moon Mini Set by silverbeam  Card Captor Sakura Clear Accessories by silverbeam

Complex: $55+ ???
More difficult and intricate sculpts. Crazy detailed cosplay swords, characters/figurines, etc. Custom BJD are also here and full custom tiny 3D printed dolls start at 500$ (includes commission fee, print, and assembly into that starting price.)
Light fairy preview Sheet by silverbeam Avengers: Loki's Staff by silverbeam Keyblade for BJD Dolls by silverbeam

  • Listening to: epic music lists on youtube
  • Reading: Manga
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  • Playing: FF15 and Planet Coaster
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farahin001 Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Happy B-Day to you.Huggle! Heart 
silverbeam Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
thanks... got a nasty cold so just trying to stay afloat... will likely celebrate next week.
LolitaCynder Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh! I didn't know you were on DA too! 
You may not remember me, but we talked last summer/spring about alicorn bjds. I bought just a normal earth male bjd while we discussed it and finished it up at last (Early September, so I'm late with this) and thought you might like to see what became of it <3…

I had so much fun making and painting him, I was wondering if I could use your bases for commissions? Obviously I'll wait for your answer before I start waving around the commission flag since you did modify/make it xD
silverbeam Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
as long as you buy the bases from me and give credit back to me then you are free to do so. Right now I am selling them directly from shapeways (the 3d printing company I use to print my models) but you will need to string them etc. I can also do a bulk order directly through me with a small discount.

PROPER CREDIT= Any listing for sale or sale discussion must clearly state the base model  is created by Silverbeam dolls and must have a link to my shapeways shop, also any sale you make please include a business card or flyer/note with my shop name and shop link.)…

Hope that all makes sense and sounds reasonable.
LolitaCynder Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
That's sounds more than reasonable (but if I do bulk buy, I want you to have every penny you deserve :heart: )!

However some questions:

Could I buy some of your cards? I just feel wrong copying your card ;∆;

I see some models in your gallery that isn't for sale in your Shapeways. Is this something planned or did Shapeway decide to be a royal butt?

Also: I know you kinda went off of the MLP and stuff, but I was wondering if perhaps we could work with each other in the future to expand the 'types' of ponies and stuff? Either it be me pitching ideas and blueprints and such or just a commission; I would love to. I don't have a computer though (I'm trying to get one currently. Slowly but surely...) so I'm unable to do any 3D things.
I have all kinds of blueprints but I'm unsure of how to make them real. Not just for the main pony base but the kinds of ponies too (dragon tails, different body types, bat wings, ect.).
silverbeam Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
Could I buy some of your cards? I just feel wrong copying your card ;∆;

--->  If you get ponies through me then I would be happy to send you cards, if you get the prints via shapeways, if you don't mind paying shipping I can send a bunch. Otherwise I can send you my business card file that you can print out or order made from vistaprint or other printing company.

I see some models in your gallery that isn't for sale in your Shapeways. Is this something planned or did Shapeway decide to be a royal butt?

-----> a little of everything.. some hasn't been updated or listed, some is their but might be a little confusing as the m6 large pony version is in mix and match file parts.... Some was too annoying or expensive to put up due to the new pricing model that shapways changed to.

BJD dolls of my own design and BJD items is my main shop focus, I don't get much time to spend on various commission and outside projects, so if it is simple or quick then it might be doable but ponies are really my focus. I have thought about revisiting and remaking the BJD pony model from scratch and doing more with it, but  I would have to get several big and important personal projects done before I would even think about doing more.
auruchan Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2015
i know you use shapewear for people to get their things printed, but do you offer someone to buy the models themselves? (not for resale, just personal use) I found you through another site, but it only allowed streaming of the model, and it's not compatible with my 3d printer. (i am getting a dremel idea 3d printer)
silverbeam Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
I don't generally sell my models even if for personal use only. The only place I do is as one of my perks for my patreon account:
I either create or choose a model from my library to send to  my patrons every month. Sometimes I take votes or suggestions on the models, but usually it is at my discretion.
auruchan Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2015
Thank you for the information!
Yo-dra Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2015  Student Digital Artist
I just wanted to say I really admire your work, making 3D printed BJDs is my dream and I can't tell you how wonderful it is to find such a talented artist demonstrating that it can be done, and done beautifully. I wish you all the best!
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